Q:  Will you move furniture or trim doors if needed?

A:  Yes, we can move large pieces of furniture for you and trim doors that are
too low to get your lovely new flooring under.


Q:  How do I care for my new flooring?

A:  Refer to “Flooring Aftercare” page.


Q:  Can I vacuum my new carpets straight away?

A:  Yes you can.


Q:  Will laminate chip or dent?

A:  Yes if a sharp object is dropped onto it.


Q:  Will solid wood chip or dent?

  Yes it something sharp is dropped on it or with stiletto heels.


Q: Do you guarantee your products?

 All our products come with a manufacturers guarantee.


Q:  Can laminate flooring be fitted in kitchens or bathrooms?

  Yes but it is not something we recommend as accidents with water do happen.  Also there are some very good wood effect vinyls and luxury vinyl tiles on the market that look just as good but are more likely to be waterproof.