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Book a Home Select Visit for a Personalised Quotation & Expert Advice. Showroom Visits by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please Contact Us

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Engineered / solid wood flooring

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Engineered / solid wood flooring

Engineered and solid wood flooring is available in many different thicknesses, widths, lengths, designs and colours. It is a very natural and stylish flooring to have and floor that can last many years if looked after properly and can be re sanded and finished after years of wear to make it look like new again.

What’s the difference between engineered wood and solid wood? 

I get asked this question alot, the best way to describe this is when fitted they will both look the same as the surfaces are both solid wood such as oak. The construction of engineered wood is made up of different layers of plywood and solid wood with the top layer “veneer” being the real wood part with either a click fit system or a tongue and groove joint. The solid wood is just that, a solid piece of oak thats manufactured into floor planks usually with a tongue and groove joint system. 

Thickness, widths and lengths – Available in many variants and options, generally the thinner and narrower boards are the cheapest as its less wood to make the product and the wider / thicker boards are the most expensive as there is more real wood and manufacturing involved

Designs – Wood comes in different width planks, herringbone designs short or long, cheveron plank design

Colours – We can supply different species of wood such as oak, walnut and maple, these naturally are different colours. The most common way of having a coloured wood floor would be an oak floor that has been stained or oiled to appear a different colour.

Surface textures – Wood comes in many finishes such as oiled or lacquered and can be matt or shiny. We also have samples that are smooth, textured or aged surfaces 

Wood sanding and re-finishing – As a company we also refurbish existing wood flooring, you will be amazed at what can be achieved when a floor is refurbished properly! This could be just a light surface sand and top coat of oil or lacquer re applied or if you have a few dents and scratches we can do a deeped anding to remove these and then reapply a top surface. 

Some of the many popular brands that we stock

Always delighted with the workmanship, professionalism and finish of the flooring of M and D. Would not hesitate to use again and have used many times already.

Mr. Woodward

Absolutely stunning job by Matthew and his team. They went above and beyond to make sure we got the exact flooring that we wanted. A great local business that delivers the goods - can't recommend M and D Flooring enough. Thanks again guys!

Mr. Sheppard


Excellent customer service and really high quality finish. Highly recommend.

Vanessa Lavender

How nice to find a company who puts the customer first. Nothing too much trouble for the fitters and a good job done. Would recommend.

Marion Criswell




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